Fullerton Computer for PC & Network


Work Experience: 

      Bryman College(Nova Institute) 6 years as Network Administrator.

           Medical Vocational Colleage in LA & Orange County(1995-2000).

      Kraco Enterprises Inc. 6 years as Network Specialist(2000-2006).

           Major Automobile Floor Mat & Parts Manufacturer in Compton, CA. 



      ARTECH Industries Inc.- Riverside, CA

     Gomez Incometax - Santa Ana, CA

     Arts & Entertainments - Fullerton, CA

     Brown Construction Co. - Brea, CA

     AGUIRRE Law Firm - Los Angeles, CA

     Welding & Iron Works - Garden Grove, CA

     Plus 100 more Companies since  over 20 years business.



      Certified Novell  Engneer : 1995

     Microsoft Certified System Administrator : 2007

     CompTIA Security+ : 2007


  Tel : (714)788-7010

 2424 Plaza De Vista    Fullerton, CA 92833

      (Malvern Ave. and Sunny Ridge Dr. in Fullerton City)

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